What is 3D in School?

What is 3D in School?

It is a multi-national platform for teachers and students of different age groups to share their experience regarding 3D printing, encourage and facilitate active use by participating in different challenges and contests.


Online platform http://www.3dinschool.com/ 

Facebook group 3D in School. Main platform for communication;

Thingiverse- additional resource about 3D model files to share designs;


The aim of the patform is:

- Organizing design and 3D printing competitions to incentivize student activity, creativity and improve their skills:

o Weekly and monthly titles both for students and schools (for example, most active student, most creative)

o Challenges- designing and 3D printing different topic objects (for example, gingerbread form design challenge in December);

o Awards for active members (for example, diplomas, providing filament awards, for top-performers experience exchange trips to other schools in other country);


- Platform creates benefits that come from applying community principle:

o Place for students to suggest each other designs and exchange designs;

o Enable students to share their experience and help each other with problems that they are facing (3D printing settings; Material properties and applications; Design

issues and 3D file fixing, etc.), therefore making it more efficient (students can explain and relate to each other better) and relieving teachers from extra work;

o Annual (semi-annual) get-togethers;


- Get feedback of how 3D printers are used (How much? Who? What is printed? For what? Material consumption? Where did get the designs? Most common problems? Etc.)


Use the collected information to:

o Suggest improvements in 3D printer usage in schools;

o Develop additional curriculum around 3D printing;

o Have accurate statistics about 3D printer usage in the Baltic State schools;