3D Modeling and Printing Challenge Announced

3D Modeling and Printing Challenge Announced

Come up with a unique design related to theme of any school subject that can be 3D printed. It can be anything you wish- Country shape for Geography, Famous book characters for Literature, Historic monuments or buildings...

Deadline: May 8, 2017


Best design: 1 filament spool
Most active school: 1 filament spool

Criteria: The design has to be 3D printed. However, winner will be selected based on quality of the design (not on quality of prinout). Winner will be selected based on design's:

- Creativity;
- Complexity;
- 3D-printabiliy;
- Relation to the topic (it can be anything you wish as long as its relation to the study subject is explained in the description)
IMPORTANT: not allowed to use already made designs from 3D file platforms (unless they are the owners of the design)

Submission: To submit your design you have to register at 3Dinschool.com and add the information about project in the My projects section. Before that make sure that you have filled all information.

Participants: All age students from the Baltic State schools.

If you have any additional questions or problems, feel free to contact us by writing at edgars@baltic3D.eu